A lawyer is not essential. You can divorce by request. If there is a beautiful and written divorce protocol, you can divorce at the first hearing www.wonder.legal for the record The court also wants witnesses. So he wants a third party to testify that there is a serious incompatibility between you, etc. For this reason, even if you divorce, a person must express an opinion that you are in a problematic relationship. I hope that the relationship will end as respectfully as it met with both sides with maturity and determination. It makes me sad that the marriages ended no matter what. I wish the experiences, memories and facts would come to that point. Choose one of our 90 available documents. Thank you for your answers.

We divorce because we cannot support this petition, after I both sign this petition, I will go and give it to the court, I will be ready 1. A „divorce protocol“ is established before all articles are agreed. If you Google the quoted part, here are some examples. You will adapt them to your own situation. You will both sign. Of course, no one will disagree with that in court. If one party does not agree, it becomes contentious. If there is a house, a car, a country, it is written who will have how long. Of course, there is literature on child custody. 2. An application for divorce is being prepared. You can also find it on Google.

One of you must be an applicant, but it doesn`t matter who the applicant is because it is a contract. 3. I guess you`re in Istanbul because you don`t specify the city. They will go to the family prisoner and hand over the petition and protocol. You also pay a prosecution fee. 4. The petition gets more days when it is written. This will be communicated to you. After submitting a petition, you can try to meet the pen and get information about the date.

They will leave on the 5th day of the trial. Are you sure the judge will ask you that question? Do you agree with the Minutes? If there is no objection, a divorce decree is issued. Then there is the appeal deadline. We can drop that immediately after the trial. The conclusion of such a decision shall be accelerated. 6. Your personal credit debts belong to everyone. If one spouse pays the other in this regard, write it down with the duration of the procedure. Like what; I don`t know which loan a, b will pay 1000 TL for 30 months. 7. This is also possible without a lawyer. You don`t look.

You can both apply with a lawyer. I don`t think you`re getting divorced. If you have financial problems, support each other. Samples are prepared by a team of lawyers and lawyers.