We then look for legal solutions that enable our clients to achieve their goals in a simple and cost-effective way. It is important to us that every client has access to high-quality legal advice that supports them. Greenchurch is an independent law firm specializing in protection court and private client services, including mental health. We believe that customers rightly expect transparency and cost fairness. Concerns about marriages and predatory relationships are finally getting our attention. Sheree green, . While chairing our Committee on Mental Health and Disability Rights for three years, Sheree Green shares her experience working in this area as a lawyer and from a policy perspective. But no two customers are the same. No two lives are lived the same.

Therefore, it is important that we understand the situation of our customers. It`s personal. With our expertise in mental performance, mental health and seniors` rights, we support individual clients and their families when disability, illness or age make it difficult for a person to make their own decisions. Our team is led by Sheree Green, Director of Greenchurch, and a lawyer with over 25 years of experience advising older clients and representing and assisting adults who may be at risk. We also discuss key policy concerns in the area of mental health and disability rights, now and in the future, on which the committee, co-chaired by Polly Sweeney and Paul McGough, will be working. Sheree Green participates in a discussion on Radio 4 You and Yours with Steve Reed, ghost secretary. Many of our clients have a disability or care for a person with a disability. Sheree Green is a director of Greenchurch Legal Services Limited. She is a professional assistant to the protection court for those who are unable to manage their own financial affairs. She has served as Chair of the Law Society`s Mental Health and Disability Committee and as a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and Solicitors for the Elderly. Sheree chaired the Law Society`s Mental Health and Disability Committee for three years and will step down as a member of the Committee at the end of her term. Our goal is to understand what is important to our customers.

Sheree is a member of the Bureau of the Public Guardian`s Professional Deputy Minister Committee. „We believe that all our clients deserve the best advice and service. Sheree explains the role of the committee and why the work it does is so important in protecting lawyers, especially those who work with vulnerable clients. Sheree was pleased to present this helpful book, „Dealing with Digital Assets: A Guide for Individuals.