Before Covid-19, the RG Law team didn`t think it was possible to broadcast from home. „We have been working remotely since the beginning of the crisis. Two employees take turns in the office and the rest of the team works from home. We don`t have paper anymore than ever,“ says Karen. We are legal experts in residential and new construction properties, providing excellent communicative legal services to first-time buyers, developers, experienced buyers and sellers of real estate. We have offices in Sidcup near South East London and the picturesque town of York in North Yorkshire. The greatest success of this process was the way the team adapted. „We all work remotely, but we still feel like we`re together. We have conference calls every morning, employees who are on leave stay in touch.

We always feel like we`re all together, even if we`re only a handful. „It has changed some of our processes, especially tracking customer payments. For example, I sent a Chaser email to a customer that included his Legli payment link, which encouraged him to pay money on account (and explained that he didn`t give us instructions before doing so). And without further communication or hunting, the new customer paid us over the weekend by simply clicking on the „Pay Now“ button. „With customer service at the forefront, making it easier to pay for legal services has changed business. If you find a residential, commercial or new property, you can count on us to make it a reality. You will have a legal expert who specializes in residential real estate to guide you through the process and communicate with you consistently. Whether you are a first-time buyer, a real estate developer or an experienced buyer and seller of real estate, we tailor our service to your needs. We have brokers, licensed developers, lawyers and probate lawyers on site to discuss your needs and requirements regarding everything related to ownership, a will, a continuing power of attorney, trusts, estate tax planning or estate. Our lawyers listen to you and offer empathetic support and advice. We can represent you if you live in England and Wales and offer face-to-face or virtual meetings that suit you, from our offices in Sidcup and York.

We offer you the desired service as you wish. Communication is at the heart of everything we do, and it`s our promise to keep you informed every step of the way. Visit Trustpilot to learn more about our customers` experiences, or read some of our case studies and testimonials. Click on one of the links below to learn more about our property transfer, wills and probate services. RG Law specializes in property transfers and has seen a number of new client requests on its website despite the lockdown. „We now rely more on our website to create quotes for potential customers, and we rely heavily on Legl to get paid and maintain cash flow.“ One of the biggest surprises for Karen during this process is how easy it is. „Before Covid, I was the one who helped set up Legl`s online payment tool – I could clearly see the value – but I had doubts about how easy it was to use. I must admit that I thought I was too old to learn how to use new technologies! I was so wrong! It`s so easy to use! When leading your team with a small workforce, easy-to-use tools are essential for remote operations without extra effort.

Estate, will and permanent power of attorney? And it is not only the ease of use of the system, but also the documentation that allows RG Law to keep its processes running smoothly in these challenging times. Legl`s technology has had a broader impact on RG Law. You are never too young to have a permanent power of attorney (APA). RG Law is a successful independent law firm in England specialising in the transfer of residential property, estates, wills and estate administration. With offices in Sidcup and York, it is ideally located to provide clients with an unparalleled level of service in England and Wales. There are different trusts we can use to help you hire. Like all forward-thinking law firms, RG Law is constantly looking for ways to provide excellent service to its clients – and good data is at the heart of that. „With Legl, we have access to all customer payment data and analytics. For example, I can see how many customers pay outside of office hours. This type of information is extremely valuable when we judge how we can do things better. Each quote created by RG Law comes with a Legl payment link so clients can pay money on account.

Looking ahead, Karen believes the changes will remain. „I think we will introduce flexible working hours after the easing of lockdown measures. We will introduce a more comprehensive home office policy and actively seek to eliminate paper. » Visit Trustpilot to learn more about our customers` experiences. We want to provide you with the service you want and keep you informed every step of the way. RG Law continues to be very busy. Every day, they receive more and more requests from potential customers, which is their biggest challenge for Karen and the team: how can you continue to provide excellent customer service with only two employees managing the operation? If you want to buy or sell a residential property. Are you looking for specialists in property transfer, rehypothetization, „We had a great transition to remote operations and we simply wouldn`t have achieved such a good result if we hadn`t had Legl`s tools. During this crisis, all administration-related customer payments fell into my hands and those of another employee. This time would have been much more difficult if we hadn`t had the right technology. ».