A: Your tip and nostrils may be narrowed to make your nose look more like your ideal. The length of your nose is already harmonious with your face and should not be changed. The skin and cartilage of the African-American nose tends to be thicker than that of Caucasians, so be sure to find a facial plastic surgeon who is expert in reshaping the African-American nose. Your new nose should look beautiful while preserving your ethnic identity. Rhinoplasty is a common but complex procedure that heals gradually over a generally predictable time. We have performed thousands of rhinoplasty in our plastic surgery practice in Beverly Hills and Sacramento. Our decades of experience in this procedure have given us a wealth of knowledge to advise patients on what to expect during the healing process and what do`s and don`ts in follow-up to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time. Q: Is there a way to reduce the size of my nose horizontally? Other than that, if I want to do more than one thing, like get rid of a bump, I have a slightly pointed nose and a little pointed upwards. Will this contribute to my surgery costs? A: You are a very attractive young woman, even with the nose you have, so I encourage you not to stress about your appearance or feel confident.

However, you are right to think that narrowing your nose would make your face more harmonious and enhance your natural beauty. Your bridge could also be modified, although I don`t think that distracts from your duties. There are many people in the world who have big crooked noses, who completely agree with their appearance and lead a full and wonderful life. However, if you`re bothered by the way your nose looks — or how others react to it — it`s entirely possible to straighten the asymmetry and narrow your nostrils. Find an experienced facial plastic surgeon who understands male facial aesthetics. I hope this helps. A: It is understandable that you feel some anxiety about an open rhinoplasty because you are prone to scarring. However, it is not necessary to take care of the skin, not to „reattach“ (I have never seen this before). In addition, the scars are minimal and hidden in the nostrils. A: It is advisable to think about finding the right surgeon for a major procedure such as rhinoplasty, which requires skill, sensitivity and experience. Below is a guide I`ve prepared to help you find the right facial plastic surgeon for the job and prepare you for other ways to achieve the most enjoyable result.

I hope this helps. The plastic splint or external protection is usually removed between 4 and 6 days. It doesn`t hurt to remove it. It is gently pushed out of the skin and at that time there are no outward signs that you have undergone surgery, especially if you have had the closed rhinoplasty approach, which shows no external incision. However, curved nasal cartilage has a „memory“ and can sometimes return to its original shape. For this reason, the cartilage must be detached from all adhesions of the skin and mucous membranes to correct the twisted tip. After release, they are fixed using cartilage transplantation and suture techniques. It is important for you to find someone who is an expert in facial plastic surgery and rhinoplasty who can thoroughly evaluate your anatomy to find the best solution. I have devoted my entire career to the study of the nose and face. When I was 16, I got a headbutt while playing and had to put my nose back in place because it was crooked. The doctor said it was not broken – only swollen; But after the swelling subsided, he began to heal crookedly. It seems to be set aside more than the other.

What can I do? A: If less than a year has passed since your rhinoplasty, your nose may still be recovering and you should not judge your final results yet. If it has been more than a year, revision rhinoplasty is the best option to improve asymmetry. You will likely need a cartilage graft or cartilage repositioning to improve nasal symmetry. You need to find a facial plastic surgeon who has experience in revision rhinoplasty as it is a complicated procedure. I hope this helps. The thicker the skin, the longer it takes to get the final result. For this reason, patients who have thick skin before the operation may last 18 months rather than 9 to 12 months. When a patient undergoes revision rhinoplasty, the final results are more likely to take longer than a primary rhinoplasty. This happens because the soft tissue sheath of the skin is thicker and less flexible in patients with revision rhinoplasty.

A: It is still too early to assess the final results of your rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is an important procedure that affects the tissues, bones and cartilage of the nose. It will take about a year for your swelling to disappear, after which your nostrils can stabilize. If not, then yes, then you might start considering a revision rhinoplasty. This is one of my specialties. A: Every nose and face is different. Although some patients have such a small bump on the nose that it can be filed, nose treatment depends on what seems best to the patient, not what is easiest. I hope this helps. In your case, I would remove the big back bump and refine and lift the tip of the nose. This transformation improves its appearance both in profile and face.

Your face will look more harmonious and shift attention to your eyes. While after 3-6 months, the „cure“ of rhinoplasty is considered complete, there is even more maturation and improvement up to the one-year mark. As a rule, the tip of the nose is refined up to 12 months after surgery. Similarly, the width narrows further as the very last traces of swelling under the skin fade. Just like good wine, time makes the nose even better. As you mentioned earlier, it can take up to a year for all the swelling to disappear and for the full and optimal results of your rhinoplasty to be visible. I understand your eagerness to know what you are going to look like. However, you can`t rush your body. It may take longer for the swelling to go away if you have thick skin or revision surgery.

Please be patient and if you have any further questions, always contact the board-certified plastic surgeon who performed your rhinoplasty. I hope this helps. Is your nose still too big after rhinoplasty? Here are some of the main reasons why the tip of the nose is still too wide after surgery. For patients with naturally dry skin, minor skin care is recommended. The skin becomes somewhat flaky and since patients are rightly reluctant to vigorously clean the skin of the recently operated nose, there may be an accumulation of the unremoved cuticle layer of the superficial skin. The remedy is a simple and gentle wash, and then the application of a light moisturizer. Dryness and flaking gradually disappear as the patient feels more comfortable with washing the skin. The moisturizer is safe, convenient and is used when needed. Q: Is it possible to find a doctor who will make your nose look like your favorite celebrity or someone you love? Is it possible to find a doctor who will make your nose look like your favorite celebrity or someone you love like his nose? While most rhinoplasty swellings go away within a few weeks, the swelling can get worse before it gets better, so don`t worry if it`s worse on the third or fourth day than it was immediately after surgery.