Our client is looking for an experienced cashier with financial knowledge The successful candidate has the following experience 1. Legal insurance 2. Be COFA (compliance) 3. Supervision of the. We are reliable and highly professional and are committed to providing the highest level of service that is confidential, flexible and honest. We pride ourselves on differentiating ourselves from other lawyers through our responsiveness, fast turnaround times, common sense and friendly attitude, and our fees are exempt from VAT. If you are looking for a different law firm, then Number One Legal is the law firm for you. We provide a friendly and professional legal platform and work with you to solve your problems and help you organize your affairs. We offer competent and user-friendly legal services tailored to your individual needs Use this website to learn more about the firm and our services. Our client is looking for a qualified accountant who has experience with professional services. The successful candidate will be a qualified accountant and will recently work at a law firm O. NO1 LEGAL AND PROFESSIONAL (SALES AND INVOICES) LIMITED CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 2022: We are open for business, but we strive to work via email and phone whenever possible.

We have a Covid-19 security policy for signing documents and are able to attend signatures without direct contact. We also have a single field office for face-to-face meetings. Number One Legal is a family law firm headed by Frances White, supported by Kiera Bui between Beaconsfield and Bourne End, Buckinghamshire. „WOW, I didn`t know that!“ Quote from Bourne End ES Please note that the successful candidate must be free on Wednesday, March 4, 2020 to start working. This is a one-month fixed-term contract. The successful candidate will have considerable experience. This is a great opportunity to work at a respected law firm in the heart of the West End. Specialist company near Oxford Circus tube station. The successful candidate has str. We fully comply with the STEP Code for the preparation of wills. We offer a complete and tailor-made service and offer a full range of services for individuals and families.

If we don`t cover your type of problem, we can usually refer you to someone who can.