With this philosophy, at NDL we think laterally and innovatively and offer a new approach to legal service delivery. We connect the dots for you. NDL`s business innovates by crossing borders and ignoring borders to think outside the box and connect points. The logo created was a minimal but modern design that included the company name and puzzle image that inspired the new mindset and innovation behind the company. The concept of „lateral thinking“ was born out of a puzzle. To solve the puzzle, you had to connect nine points in the form of a box with four continuous straight lines. This could only be achieved by drawing lines that extend beyond the box and ignoring the perceived boundary around the edge of the nine points and their constraints. Nine Dots Legal is a new law firm specializing in commercial, real estate, corporate and tax law and likes to think differently. 360South supported the launch of his business by creating a minimalist logo and enhancing the website with a modern twist to showcase his brand`s unique personality. With an electronic signature design and EDM templates to ensure that the brand is represented holistically and to launch the new business and build a customer database. The use of black and white brand colors, with the use of the logo predominant in the designs to achieve a professional, modern and elegant design. With detailed animations throughout the website to give an interactive feel while being visually appealing to look at. New clients can get a feel for the business by showing off their professional and talented team, the services they offer, and a newsroom to keep up with the latest updates.

The black and stylish website, branding and logo design support NDL`s activities. 360South has designed the perfect website you`ll want to scroll through for a company you want to work with! With the launch of NDL`s new business, 360South also designed business cards, created business letterheads, tax invoices, and contract templates that matched the company`s branding. Nine Dots Legal (NDL) is based in the heart of Melbourne`s central business district, and as a new company making waves and standing out from the crowd, it was crucial to create an eye-catching appearance. 360South was there to help by designing a logo which was a key aspect to support their business philosophy, based on an age-old puzzle where you have to „think outside the box“. In addition to the sleek and minimalist new logo, the website and branding have been designed to go hand in hand to visually support the business goals of a professional, young, cool and modern business. The website makes it easy for new customers to navigate through pages, feel inspired, and trust the brand.