Fordham Law has a unique approach to comprehensive legal education with a strong focus on academic excellence, the art of advocacy, ethics, and commitment to public service. Fordham law graduates have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of career decisions. Fordham ranks fifth among the schools that place the most lawyers in the 40 most successful law firms in the country. In addition, the school`s public service and human rights programs train lawyers. Students are valued and appreciated as they prepare to be part of the next generation of leaders. Also on the approved list is the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General School, which offers only the LL.M. degree. While the scope of the Board`s accreditation authority does not allow it to appoint a non-J.D.

Since 1958, it has continuously reviewed this particular program to ensure that it meets ABA standards for the approval of law schools relevant to its honours program. „The Security Council welcomes the opportunity to continue this review and to support this particular and important programme. St. John`s University School of Law is an integral part of the New York metropolitan area. It provides training and competence in the basic skills and techniques of the legal profession. St. John`s School of Law is accredited by the ABA and is a member of AALS. If you earned a law degree outside the United States, you may be able to take the New York Bar exam. The foreign law degree you have obtained must be „equivalent in content“ to the Doctor of Laws program at ABA-approved law schools.

The programme must also be of equivalent duration. In most cases, law graduates from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and many other Commonwealth countries are eligible to take the New York Bar examination. In some cases, New York examiners may ask you to pursue additional studies at an ABA-approved law school to be eligible. Potential candidates for the New York Bar exam seeking to earn a Juris Doctor degree from an American Bar Association (ABA) approved law school should be aware that the requirements of Rule 520.3 may be more restrictive than ABA standards. Graduation from an ABA-recognized law school does not automatically qualify a candidate for the New York Bar exam. Recognized law schools. The law school the applicant attended must have been approved by the ABA during all hours of the applicant`s visit and be located in the United States or its territories. Preliminary approval from the ACA is acceptable as long as the law school had provisional status during all periods of the applicant`s attendance. If the law school did not have an ACA licence during all periods of the applicant`s attendance, the applicant must apply to the Court of Appeal for an exemption from strict compliance with the provisions of section 520.3 of the Court of Appeal, in accordance with section 520.14 of the Appeal Rules. Applicants for an exemption from the Court of Appeal must do so as soon as possible and preferably no later than 60 days before the date of the bar examination.

You may also be eligible to take the New York Bar exam by completing a combination of law school at an ABA-approved law school and a law firm. If you earned a Juris Doctor degree from an ABA recognized law school, you may be eligible to write the New York Bar exam. The Faculty of Law must have been approved by the ABA at all times during your participation. Important Note: Documents from schools and legal organizations must be sent directly from these institutions to NY BOLE. Make sure all documents submitted on your behalf include your NY BOL ID number. After careful consideration of the rule, the applicant must submit a written request for an eligibility assessment to the Board office. In addition to this written request, an applicant must submit their law school or law schools directly to the Board of Trustees: Applicants who have not met the requirement of the two-credit professional responsibility course may take a professional responsibility course without a degree at an ABA-approved law school in the United States instead of filing an application with the Court of Appeal. either in a face-to-face course or in distance learning (unless the student has already exceeded the performance limit of 15% of distance learning credits). The Council has accredited and approved 203 institutions and programmes that award the first law degree (the Young Women`s Diploma); One of these law faculties is admitted on a temporary basis. You may be eligible to write the New York Bar exam as part of the Pro Bono Scholars program.

If you are in the final year of a Juris Doctor program at an ABA recognized law school, you may be eligible to write the February New York Bar Examination if you spend your final semester providing pro bono (free) legal services under an approved program. Graduates of non-ABA law schools in the United States who were also active in a U.S. jurisdiction in 5 of the 7 years preceding their application for the New York Bar examination may qualify for the bar examination under Article 520.5 of the Court of Appeals Rules. Rule 520.5 sets out the following requirements for non-ABA law school graduates who wish to write the New York Bar examination: Syracuse University School of Law was founded in 1895. The college is a founding member of AALS. It is fully approved by the ABA. The College of Law prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of the future. Students participate in clinics and internships where they represent real clients. The interdisciplinary orientation enhances students` understanding of the law in a global context.

Students and faculty engage in a collaborative process of discovery and learning through research, coursework, joint study programs, and interdisciplinary centers. Albany Law School is the oldest private, independent law school in North America. It is the only law school in the capital of New York State. It offers unparalleled opportunities for internships, internships, clinical experience and career opportunities. The faculty is engaged and accessible. Students have access to New York`s highest court, federal courts, and state legislature. For more than 25 years, Albany`s graduate employment rate has been well above the national law school average. From the ABA Required Disclosures online website, you can download Standard 509 Information Reports, Employment Summary Data Tables, and Bar Admission Reports for each ABA-approved law school. The applicant must study law at the firm for a period of four years under the supervision of an attorney admitted to the New York Bar. (This four-year requirement counts towards successful semesters at an ABA-recognized law school.) Upon completion of the required period of law school, the candidate is eligible to write the New York State Bar examination. When applying for a bar examination, the applicant and the lawyer(s) in charge of the law firm`s law firm must submit affidavits.