Broadcasters are rewarded for the growth of their subscribers, which can cause broadcasters to do everything they can to get people to follow them. There are games like PK; where 2 chains fight for a few minutes and who gets the most beans will win the fight. But the hosts don`t lose anything to a real extent, like even a streamer loses the PK, they`ve always had the beans in battle. People have to buy diamonds to send the transmitter, which they received in the form of beans from the issuer. The current rate of diamonds is 42 diamonds for $1, so there are different gifts in the app that you can send to the people you are looking at, and all the specific gifts have a different value to buy the same value as received from an issuer in the form of beans and every 210 beans are equal to $1. This is the only way to make money with bigo Live if you are not an official host. If any of the above goals are not met, Bigo will not pay the host for that particular month. Usually, official hosts must be uploaded for at least 30 hours per month and only a maximum of two hours per day will count towards your monthly quota. If you want to become an official host and receive salaries by setting goals, you need to join the agency and become an official host. Bigo Live is a mobile live video streaming app originally based in Singapore and all operations are handled by the Chinese team in Beijing. On Bigo, users can go live via a video stream and chat with the audience in real time, and users can watch live streaming videos from other stations.

Video chats can be individual video calls or group chats between up to 9 users. Bigo Live encourages users to randomly chat with strangers via a video streaming feature very similar to Instagram and Facebook streaming. The station cannot record its live streams because in Insta and FB we have the option to record and publish the streaming. Bigo has many different filters, just like Snapchat, that can change the look of the live station. It`s really fun and motivates kids and adults to drive with this app. They also have a voice chat feature that they call live audio streaming, which allows the broadcaster to join multiple users while broadcasting as a regular conference call. During the live broadcast, viewers can comment on videos where all users in real time can play them. Bigo hosts can earn between $150 and $10,000 per month.

The salary depends entirely on the gift goal you have achieved in a month. The minimum goal is 20,000 beans and the host receives $133 for this. Beans is a virtual currency from Bigo Live that has a value of 210 beans = 1 USD. Bigo is more for entertainment purposes, like any other social media, but they have a lot of content limitations, just like you can`t smoke, show, or drink alcohol on camera. If a user displays inappropriate content on their bigo wide, they can block it immediately and there is no set time to be unlocked by Bigo, it completely depends on the reason for the blocking. You can also restrict and prohibit your phone from using Bigo if you need to buy a new phone to use the Bigo Live app. It is not important to become an official moderator with Bigo to broadcast and make money. A normal host can go live and entertain the audience on Bigo Live, but he does not receive privileges and salaries according to Bigo`s official hosts. A normal host only deserves what they receive as a gift from their viewers/senders. Becoming a host on Bigo is necessary if you want to maximize your income on Bigo.

As a presenter on Bigo, not only do you earn money from the gifts that are sent to you during your broadcast, but you also receive money from Bigo if you are an official host. There are two different ways to become a host on Bigo. You can become a host through a host agency on Bigo, which means you will be among someone who is an official host of Bigo, being signed to an agency on Bigo means that a percentage of your income will be due to the agency you are under contract with. The other way to be a host on Bigo is to become an official host of Bigo. The benefits of becoming an official host of Bigo are as mentioned earlier; You can be paid by your viewers who will send you gifts as well as a check from Bigo directly. Another advantage of being an official host is that you can create your own agency and have other hosts under your agency. To become a Bigo host, you must first audition on Bigo. During the audition, Bigo`s administrators will look to see if you will make a good Bigo host. The host`s auditions usually last at least fifteen minutes. Shortly after your audition, you will be notified if you have passed or failed. Once you have passed your audition and now need to reach certain monthly quotas for Bigo.

The host must be uploaded for at least 30 hours per month, but only a maximum of two hours per day will count towards your monthly quota. Hosts are also expected to receive a number of gifts. Superior hosts should receive more gifts per month. As the official host of Bigo, you must have at least one official PK per month. A detailed description of what PK are can be found in the FAQ section. Bigo official hosts receive more payments than a regular host. Delighted that you are joining us. BIGO LIVE essentially consists of two groups within a community: moderators and viewers.

Especially on the bigo live app we have families, There are many families on bigo that are known for their own reasons and some of them are very famous. Families are there to help you, people in families make gift exchanges to make their goals, they said to themselves, there are family events, they organize PKs and live home events. So it basically helps because you have a community as a family on the platform and it`s really fun when a host has a beautiful family. So, before you join a family, look for them and find the one that suits you best. Maybe you`re tired of group drama and want to make new friends. BIGO LIVE can help you connect randomly with foreigners from different countries. Chat or start a PK. Anyway, we are sure that this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Bigo`s official animators are streamers working on Bigo under a contract signed directly with Bigo Live or their recruitment agencies. Hosts must set monthly goals to receive gifts, as shown in a table below. After achieving their goal, they receive a salary based on a set of goals.

You don`t have to become an official host at BIGO to broadcast and make money. However, there are many more benefits to becoming an official host of Bigo. Spectators: Ah, spectators. The lifeblood of our community. Anyone can be a spectator, and all you have to do is keep an account fully reloaded. How, you ask? Simple. Viewers top up their account by collecting diamonds. Diamonds are used as currency in the app to buy gifts for hosts.

Gifts can be converted into beans, which are used to pay hosts for their work. Go live at interview time and wait for the interviewer to be visited on a wide front (it takes barely 10 minutes). To become an official host of bigo live, you need to contact an official agency. You can connect us >>click here<< gifts are the beans a host receives from the viewer as appreciation or streaming support. which has different plates as mentioned in the table below. Effective days – At least 1 consecutive hour of live streaming in one day. Hosts can only set 1 effective day in a calendar date. Bigo hosts can earn between $150 and $10,000 per month. The salary depends entirely on the gift goal you have achieved in a month.

As a general rule, there are two ways to become a BIGO LIVE host. Since official hosts are also paid by the app, they pay hosts to complete 60 hours per month, they pay to receive gifts from viewers. This is based on a monthly goal and the lowest payout the host can earn is $150 and ultimately it goes up to $24,000. There is always an exchange between users and Bigo like; The goals must be complete to receive payments from the Bigo, this can come down to gaining followers, beans or closing hours. Special live house performance privilege for Bigo`s talented hosts. Do you have to be a host on BIGO to receive compensation? 3) Plan B hosts have a grace period of two months after being accepted on the platform. If the Plan B host does not meet the 40k Beans requirement in its 3rd month after its adoption on the platform, it will receive a WARNING In general, anyone can be a host on BIGO LIVE as long as you are 18 years and older. You can download the BIGO LIVE app from the App Store or Google Play. Then sign up and go live. In this way, you will earn money from the gifts that will be sent to you during your transfer. The more popular you are, the more gifts you receive. And finally, these gifts become the same amount of beans you can pay for.

Host: If you`re a host, you`re here to showcase your talent. Becoming a host is easy. Simply register with an agency and participate in a 45-minute virtual audition. Don`t be nervous – you`ll be awesome. During this audition, you will talk a little about your interest and show your talent. Then boom. Host status. Hosts are paid at the end of each month based on the number of beans in their wallet (more on that in a second).

It`s really easy to create an account on Bigo, just like Instagram, but I can tell you it`s so addictive.